Every company needs to grow and expand its market.

IBREDCO specializes in representation, business intermediation and products distribution. We are your ideal partner to build business relationships, penetrate new emerging markets and have partners in North America and Africa.

Our knowledge of the North American and African markets gives you a considerable advantage.

You can count on and reckon with us.

Vision: IBREDCO is the axis intended for millions of entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations for their development and the expansion of their business through new opportunities. We believe in the power of win-win, honest, and direct partnership.

If you are ready to collaborate, join us at IBREDCO and help translate the flow of opportunities into individual and collective enrichment.

Mission: Our mission is to facilitate, contribute to building strong links among partners by providing value-added opportunities, and accelerate the international expansion and growth of your business through win-win partnership.

Our core values:

  • Fulfilling our commitments;
  • Being reliable;
  • Taking our partners’ goals and outcomes to heart;
  • Being flexible and transparent;
  • Being readily adaptable.